Why You Should Attend the Annual Memorial Service

By MBA Executive Director Anne Fritz

     On Tuesday, April 20, at the Annual Memorial Service, we will honor more than 30 members of the legal community who have died during the past year. They range from legal administrators to judges. Some were widely known in the legal community, while others were just beginning their careers. But they all have one thing in common – they were part of the fabric of the legal community and their presence will be missed.
     Families and friends of those being honored are invited to this service, which begins at noon at Calvary Episcopal Church downtown. I hate to say it, but recently, the families have outnumbered the attorneys in attendance. (The judges continue to be strong participants – thank you!) That brings me to the reason for this unusual article – to encourage you, whether or not you knew one (or more) of the honorees – to attend this service. Why, you may ask, should I take an hour out of my busy day to pay homage to people I didn’t even know? My first response is that the family members are truly appreciative of those members of the legal community who attend. It makes them feel like their loved one was part of a profession that valued him or her and that their contributions to that community have not and will not be forgotten.
     More importantly, I think attending the Memorial Service is an indication that you believe in something bigger than the day-to-day “busyness” of the law...that it is still a profession, that we are bound together by our common membership in the “legal club”, that it is important to take time to remember and honor those who are no longer with us. So, I encourage you to attend the service on April 20 – it only lasts 30 minutes and there is a reception following in the Great Hall where you can mingle with judges, attorneys and family members. I hope that we have standing room only!